Bespoke Film Processing and Scanning.

Who are we?

Silver Process Lab was founded by photographers who wanted a lab that is not only reliable but is also dedicated to providing photographers a bespoke, consistent and professional service.

We are based in the historic city of Stoke-on-Trent and specialise in developing 35mm and 120 film in both Colour C41 & B&W. 

Images by Luke Cartwright


All C41 rolls are all processed with Fuji-film CN16 chemistry. We use this in our Fuji processor which is a highly capable and reliable machine. 

Our aim is to deliver the best quality to our customers so we perform daily control checks on our machines and chemicals in order to make sure you always get the best results from your rolls. 


Almost every roll that travels through our lab is scanned using a Fuji Frontier. This scanner is able to render beautiful tones to your images with a very natural colour palette & it has an amazing ability to retain detail on highlights. We love beautiful images that’s why we work on each frame to ensure complete colour accuracy.


Images by Lyra & Moth.

Our services.

Whether you shoot film daily or once a year, we’d love to process your film!