All C41 film is processed in a Fuji processor using Fuji Chemistry, we run and plot control strips daily to ensure our processing is well within strict control limits, this ensures that your film is processed perfectly every time.

Currently our B&W processing varies throughout the year, during winter B&W is processed on steel reels in deep tanks using replenished Kodak XTOL,  throughout summer we process in a Jobo using either XTOL or HC-110. 

We use two different methods as B&W workload can vary greatly throughout the year however both methods are highly accurate and offer consistent high quality results. 

We charge extra for Pushing or pulling film because we have to programme our machines for every stop we push or pull & this involves a lot of waiting. 

C41 is a colour negative film, it usually has an orange coloured base and is pretty much the ‘industry’ standard film you’ll find this in disposable cameras (excluding the Ilford HP5 disposables), and there are many great budget C41 films out there! 

B&W, basically does what it says on the tin it produces black and white images and is usually most peoples stepping stone into film photography. 

The last one is a bit trickier, E6 is a positive film this means that when properly developed it will show a positive image rather than a negative one. We truly love photography, colours and perfectly developed film due to this reason we do not process E6 film, we would rather only offer C41 processing and B&W processing then ‘Spread our selves thinly’ and offer all three to a lesser standard.

Yes, we cut and sleeve your film as strips of 6. 

We can also return your film uncut in continuous sleeves, please note that there is a £7 surcharge per order for uncut negs.

We cannot process films with a remjet coating. 

We only process 35mm and 120. 

If your film is blank we will let you know and you will be offered free processing and scanning for your next rolls in replacement of the rolls that are blank. 
We do not refund for blank rolls. 


Every roll that travels through our lab is scanned using a Fuji Frontier. This scanner is able to render beautiful tones to your images with a very natural colour palette & it has an amazing ability to retain detail on highlights. We love beautiful images that’s why we work on each frame to ensure complete colour accuracy. 

The whole process from us receiving your film to you receiving your scans usually takes 5-10 working days however please note that our turnaround may change depending on how busy we are (current turnaround times will be displayed before you place your order and on your order confirmation so you shall never be left in the dark.)

Simply put . We take longer because we do a better job than most other labs, each frame is assessed and corrected for any colour deviations, rotated and usually retouched in PS. 

To offer a quicker service for everyone we would have to charge more (something we have never wanted to do), film in 2021 is expensive and high quality processing shouldn’t be.

 For those of you that need your film back in a pinch we offer a rush service at 2x our standard rate, we offer the rush service on a money back guarantee basis if we cannot turnaround your film in the specified rush turnaround we will offer you a full refund and the processing is on us.

Yes and no, communication is key here.

Let us know all of your preferences and send as many example images as you can of your work or work that you like, and we will do our best to match the colours.

However please remember that the lighting, film stock and exposure will predominantly decide how your images look. 

35mm Medium approx 3630 x 2430
35mm Large approx. 3000 x 4500
35MM XL approx. 5400 x 3600

645 Large approx. 3300 x 2700
645 XL approx. 4848 x 3640
6×6 Large approx. 2450 x 2450
6×6 XL approx. 3630 x 3630
6×7 Large approx. 3030 x 2430
6×7 XL approx. 4550 x 3650

Everything else.

Negatives are usually returned within a few weeks of your order being completed, we temporarily hold negatives just incase you have any issues and we need to rescan them for you. 

Please also note that during Covid lockdowns we have been forced to work with an exceptionally small team this has unfortunately led to our postage runs been delayed, however please bare-with us and we will make sure your negs get returned safely. 

First of all, thats great! We love that there are film photographers local to us! 

You are more than welcome to drop your film off at the lab but please drop us a quick email before hand so we know you are visiting! If we are not about please drop your film off at the security hut on site. 

One final thing and we can’t stress this enough, please do not make your way onto site and up to the lab without contacting us prior to your visit we are situated amongst other businesses and want to respect their privacy.  

We will do our best to get your film returned safely to you, however If the film is lost in transit we shall not be liable. In the unlikely event the lab makes an error processing your order you shall be refunded the value of the service and the price of your film. The value shall not exceed the retail value of the film. We are not liable for any production value the film may hold. By sending your film you are agreeing to these terms. All orders must be paid for prior to us returning your order. 

Second class  – £1.50 

First class – £5

DPD – £10