Getting your film to us.

Here at Silver Process we all really love film and because you’re reading this you probably do too, so let’s work together and ensure that your film reaches us safely by following these steps.

Step one.

Finish shooting your roll and remove it from your camera.

Step two.

Print and fill out our order form, if you don’t have a printer simply write your name, email and address on a piece of paper.

Step three.

Pop your film and the order form (or the piece of paper with your details on) and maybe some sweets 😉 into a Jiffy style envelope or a box. If you are sending us B&W and C41 please separate these with the C41 in one ziplock bag and the B&W in another.

 Please please please don’t use a standard paper envelope its a sure fire way to loose your film as they have a tendency to tear in the post! 

Step four.

Write our address on the front of the envelope and take the package to the post office to be weighed correctly and sent. 

Spode works (Acava unit 34),
Elenora Street, 
ST4 1QQ, 

Step five.

Once sent, sit back relax and wait for your scans to hit your inbox.